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Kinnikinnick Native Plant Society

Focusing on native plants and conservation in North Idaho

The Kinnikinnick Native Plant Society in conjunction with Sandpoint Parks and Recreation have monthly presentations at the Sandpoint Community Hall, 204 S. First Avenue. The meetings are held from 9:45 - 11:30 AM. The meetings are held on the 4th Saturday of each month, January thru June and September thru November.



KNPS Presentations


January 26, 2019 

Steve Anderson: Nevada - More than a sagebrush ocean

The basin and range province provides for unique habitats for plant and animal species. Isolated mountain ranges stand in stark contrast to the surrounding deserts and contain many plants that are similar to the northwest. The presentation will concentrate on northeast Nevada and discuss plants, animals and some land management issues.

Steve Anderson graduated from the University of Idaho with a BA in wildlife-fisheries resources. He then spent 2 years in Kenya working for the Peace Corps.and went on to a career with the US Forest Service that lasted more than 30 years. Steve is a coauthor of “Ruby Mountain Flora.”


February 23, 2019


Don Gay: "Selkirk Grizzly Bear DNA project"

This project has been gathering grizzly bear hair from collection sites in the Selkirk Mountains since 2015. DNA analysis of the hair provides information on grizzly bear reproduction and gene flow with surrounding recovery areas. This information is used by researchers to determine the minimum number of grizzly bears in the U.S. portion of the Selkirk Recovery area and if that number is approaching bear recovery goals.

Don is a retired U.S. Forest Service wildlife biologist. He spent time working on the Kootenai, Deschutes, Fremont, and Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forests. He also served in Africa with the Peace Corps and completed international work with the Forest Service in Mali, Madagascar and Gabon. Don lives in Naples, Idaho.