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Lois Wythe Grant

 Lois Wythe Native Plant Grant Application 2019-2020

The Kinnikinnick Native Plant Society is offering a grant of up to $300 for a Bonner County group, class or individual to complete a project which is designed to promote the awareness of native plants. Funds will be awarded based on originality and the potential effectiveness of the project. The project should be essentially completed by June 30, 2020, at which time a final report outlining the accomplishments, including a plan for maintaining the project over time, must be submitted to the Kinnikinnick Native Plant Society. The grant recognizes Lois Wythe as the founder of the organization and developer of the Native Plant Arboretum in Lakeview Park.

Name and Address of Applicant:

Contact name, phone number, and email address:

Describe the project to be funded and how it will promote the awareness of native plants:

Also, provide the following information about the project:

. Budget

. Number of people who will participate

. Number of people who will benefit

. Time frame involved

. If more than this grant of $300 is needed to complete the project, how will

additional funding be obtained?

. Other organizations involved

. How you plan to maintain the project

. How you will measure your success in reaching the project goals

. Who will be submitting a final project report by June 2020


Mail completed application no later than December 15, 2019, to the Kinnikinnick Native Plant Society Grant Committee, PO Box 1092, Sandpoint, ID 83864. Questions may be directed to Judy Lyding at Additional forms may be downloaded at